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The Zero Nightmare is a clone of Zero who appears in Mega Man X6

Zero Nightmare
Nightmare Zero mug.png

Nightmare Zero.png
Character Info
Japanese Name Zero Nightmare
Affiliation Nightmare, Gate
Weapon Z-Saber, Z-Buster
Debut Mega Man X6
Appearances Mega Man X6


The Zero Nightmare is a discolored pallet swap of Zero's X5 sprites.

Zero Nightmare uses imperfect variations of attacks used by Hunter Zero in X5, but with random shot speeds. Most notable is a delay when he swings his saber, where he holds it above his head before coming down, and his use of Genmurei, an attack used only by Awakening Zero. However, This variation is not instant kill, and is only one wave, rather than two. It is subject to the same odd randomness in speed. He has the ability to teleport in a similar fashion to Nightmares, and does so frequently in battle.

Curiously, and ironically, Zero Nightmare is actually weak to Zero's Z-Saber, causing him to flinch and cry out in pain when hit with it, after which he immediately teleports away from X to another spot.

Zero Nightmare seems to be mentally unstable, almost a botched project. At times he would ask X where Zero was, seeking him. Other times he would claim to be Zero himself, and yet other times, he would yell "BLUE LIGHT MUST KILL" among other incoherent phrases in a senseless rage. No matter what, though, X would deny his claims or snap at the "cheesy fake," and Zero Nightmare would instantly go into a rage bent on killing X, or claim X has gone Maverick and that he will retire him. While some memories and attack patterns seem to have remained from different periods of Zero's life, the clone was not complete in any respect, and was therefore easy for X to see through as a forgery of his longtime friend.


Zero Nightmare was created by Gate and used by Isoc and High Max's investigation teams to justify their existence. The two claimed to want to get to the bottom of the Nightmares, but in reality knew the origins of it as Gate. Created from Zero's DNA, Zero Nightmare seemed to retain some of Zero's memories, but at the same time sought out the real Zero. The investigators were to have the public believe that Zero had fallen under the influence of the dreaded Nightmare, but Zero Nightmare had simply been created that way. The real Zero kept out of sight as the Zero Nightmare tarnished his name, and only revealed himself once X had disposed of the clone.

Battle Data[edit]

Weakness Z-Saber
  • Teleport: Zero Nightmare can teleport around the room in much the same way that Nightmares teleport. This is how he enters the room, and he does it frequently during the battle.
  • Z-Saber: Zero Nightmare attacks with a downward slash of his saber, but with a stop delay as he swings it over his head.
  • Z-Buster: Zero Nightmare fires two charged shots at varying speeds.
  • Denhari: Zero Nightmare launches a energy wave from his saber after using Z Buster
  • Shin Messenkou: Zero Nightmare punches the ground, making several energy projectiles fly up from the floor.
  • Genmurei Kai: Zero Nightmare attacks with a weaker version of Awakening Zero's final attack, firing off single giant energy waves at varying speeds.
  • Buster Barrage: Zero Nightmare shoots a large barrage of charge shots from his Z-Buster.

Notes & Trivia[edit]

  • One very notable line that Zero Nightmare says upon encountering him, is "WHERE IS ZERO? WHERE IS HE HIDING? A BLUE ROBOT. ENEMY OF ZERO...KILL YOU!" It is interesting in that while searching for Zero, He identifies X as Zero's enemy. It is possible that along with some memories from Zero, he may possibly have inherited some of Zero's memory of his mission to destroy X. This is also supported by his imperfect usage of Genmurei, an attack used only by Awakening Zero in X5. The conflict of memories could be the cause for his mental instability.
  • If Nightmare Zero is fought and defeated at level 4, once Zero returns, he is automatically clad in his Black Zero form. However, due to a development oversight, it is impossible to achieve Zero Nightmare level 4 without cheats, as it requires 5000 Nightmare Souls, but at the 3000 mark, Nightmare Zero is removed from the game along with the alternate route High Max boss, since the final stages automatically open up after a brief scene about Alia's past with Gate.
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