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Here you can watch a variety of videos we produce to entertain and inform. The videos are available in streaming quality via YouTube, or high quality direct downloads.

MMN Reset

In this series of videos we take a look at the older Mega Man games and discuss their features and development while showing examples of gameplay.

MMN Reset: Mega Man & MMN Reset: Mega Man 2

MMN Reset: Mega Man 3 & MMN Reset: Mega Man 4

MMN Reset: Mega Man 5 & MMN Reset: Mega Man 6

MMN Reset: Mega Man 7 & MMN Reset: Mega Man 8

Mega Man Network Antarctic Megapaluza

During the month of August, it came to our attention that of all the continents in the world who visited MMN, it was Antarctica that came here the least! In an attempt to reach out to our friends down in the far, far, FAR south, we devoted all of August as a month for showcasing wintery enemies, bosses, artwork and even videos done by Ryudo shown below. Each stage follows a distinct premise in that they are all winter based, some of them being original and the others touched up by the fans of Mega Man themselves!

MMN Antarctic Megapaluza 1
- Ice Man's stage from the original Mega Man. A near flawless run followed up by a battle with the original frozen baddie.

MMN Antarctic Megapaluza 2
- Wood Man's stage from a patched version of Rockman 2 known as Rockman No Constancy, a much more difficult game overall. Wily snowmen and freezing Hot Dogs stand between Mega Man and his.

MMN Antarctic Megapaluza 3
- Crystal Man's stage from a patched version of Rockman 5 known as Rockman 5 Wily's Dream Space. Crystal Man's level to some people could be considered a pseudo ice stage, in this version of Mega Man 5 it IS an ice stage. A slippery world that is more challenging than before, with Crystal Man himself a dangerous foe.

MMN Antarctic Megapaluza 4
- Blizzard Man's stage from Mega Man 6. Hard to believe that it would not be until five games after the first one that a true ice Robot Master would be seen again in Mega Man. Blizzard Man's level does its utmost to remind you of the slippery dangers, but falls easily to the might of Flame Blast.

MMN Antarctic Megapaluza 5
- The fifth video of the specials takes a leap to the Super Nintendo with Freeze Man, who Ryudo claims to be easier to perfect (or nearly perfect in this case) without the Junk Shield than otherwise. Though he is a strange one...

MMN Antarctic Megapaluza 6
- While Frost Man was likely the next guess as to who was next (admit it, you wanted to hear the sweet serenade of JUMP! JUMP! SLIDE! SLIDE!), Ryudo skips straight to Coldman and finishes off the Classic portion of the video showcase with a run through Cold Man's level in Rockman and Forte.

MMN Antarctic Megapaluza 7
- The first of the Mega Man X portion of our special and Ryudo wastes no time in showing his love for all things Antarctic...with his buster. While perfecting Chill Penguin's level is no hard task, the interesting part to viewers seems to be that he already has the Homing Torpedo, Electric Spark and Storm Tornado before coming into this level and without the Dash upgrade to boot!

MMN Antartcic Megapaluza 8
- The last of the eight video specials, with the final one being of Blizzard Buffalo from Mega Man X3, the last Mega Man game for the Super Nintendo. Clearly you can see that Ryudo has played this one WAY too often in not only perfecting the stage, but showing off an not so well known trick to beating Blizzard Buffalo.

Megapaluza Outtake
- Originally Wood Man's stage from RnC was not my first choice. I had considered the first Wily stage from Rockman 2 Deus Ex Machina, but I didn't think it was wintery enough to fit the bill. Still I had the video made, so I uploaded it to my personal youtube account after the second Megapaluza was up.

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