Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero - Mythos (album)

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Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero - Mythos
Album Info
Full title Rockman Zero Soundtrack ~ REMASTERED TRACKS ROCKMAN ZERO - Mythos
Released June 10th, 2010
Catalog # INTIR-018
Price ¥2.000
Artist(s) III
Album Type Original Rearrangement
Publisher Inti Records
Tracks 1 disc, 14 tracks
Available at YesAsia

Rip Info
Rip date June 2010
MP3 format LAME MP3 VBR
Encoded by Heat Man
Tagged by Splashman
Site credits The Mega Man Network
Copyright Inti Creates Co., Ltd. / Capcom Co.,Ltd.

In light of the release of the Mega Man Zero Collection for the Nintendo DS, Ippo Yamada and III decided to surprise us with yet another arrangement album for the Zero Series. This one can be described as sort of a best-of album, which revisits the most memorable tracks from Zero 1 through 4 with completely new refurbished remixes, and also one or two surprises. The brand new track Final Match serves as the title theme to the Zero Collection. Everlasting, performed by Toru Itoga, gives us the third vocalized ending theme in the series. And lastly, fan-favorite Omega is also hidden somewhere on the CD...

Overally, this album stands out as a very nice (perhaps final?) (not anymore) musical conclusion to the Zero series.


Track Listing[edit]

  • 01. Final Match
  • 02. Departure - Mythos Ver. -
  • 03. Esperanto - Mythos Ver. -
  • 04. Sand Triangle - Mythos Ver. -
  • 05. Resistance - Mythos Ver. -
  • 06. Neo Arcadia - Mythos Ver. -
  • 07. Enemy Hall - Mythos Ver. -
  • 08. Hell's Gate Open - Mythos Ver. -
  • 09. Silver Wolf - Mythos Ver. -
  • 10. Straight Ahead - Mythos Ver. -
  • 11. I,0 Your Fellow - Interlude -
  • 12. Everlasting
  • 13. Area of Zero - Mythos Ver. -
  • 14. (Hidden Track) Cannon Ball - Mythos Ver. -
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