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Welcome to the Music Archive! Here you may download from an enormous selection of Mega Man and Rockman music for your listening pleasure, or for anything else you might need music for.

Presently we are restructuring the archive slightly, and no longer supporting individual song downloads. Instead, we are providing downloads of full zipped soundtracks, which you can access from the "DOWNLOAD SOUNDTRACK" link on each music page. We are working to get all zipped soundtracks prepared, so please bear with us. Thanks!

Original Game Soundtracks and Rips

Mega Man

Main Series

Side Games


Licensed by Capcom

Mega Man X

Main Series

Side Games


Mega Man Zero

Mega Man ZX

MegaMan Legends

MegaMan Battle Network

Main Series

Side Games


Licenced by Capcom

MegaMan Star Force

Remixed and Remastered Soundtracks

Single Releases

Other Audio

Fan Music

User Submitted Music

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