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Mega Man X Series
Rockman X Series
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Series Info
Latest Game(s) Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X
No. of Games 13, plus cameos/crossovers
Timeframe 21XX-22XX
Main Character Mega Man X
Platform(s) Super NES, PlayStation, SEGA Saturn, Game Boy/Color, PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, PC, PlayStation Portable

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The Mega Man X series is a continuation of the Classic series, in both plot and gameplay style. First introduced in 1993, it brings to life Mega Man X, the last creation of the famous robot scientist, Dr. Thomas Light.

X is a brand new kind of robot - he actually possesses the ability to think, feel, and make his own decisions. Dr. Light realized the potential disaster this could cause, and sealed X away in a capsule for testing. The capsule is unearthed 100 years later by Dr. Cain, who was on an archaeological expedition for Mesozoic plant life.

X's subsequent study by Cain spawns a new race of robots dubbed"Reploids", but chaos soon ensues when some Reploids decide that humans are inferior... And at the heart of it all is a dark element that dates back to 20XX...


Main Series[edit]

Mega Man X
Released: 1993, 1994
Platform(s): SNES, PC
Summary: When Sigma, the former leader of the Maverick Hunters, goes Maverick and leads the Hunters in a war against the humans, Mega Man X and Zero must take up the fight and stop his reign of terror.

Mega Man X2
Released: 1994
Platform(s): SNES
Summary: X returns to fight the Mavericks and an organization that calls themselves the "X-Hunters" to gain back the parts of his friend Zero before they can use him for their purposes.

Mega Man X3
Released: 1995, 1996
Platform(s): SNES, Sony PlayStation, PC, Sega Saturn
Summary: Dr. Doppler instigates a huge Maverick revolt after discovering the "Maverick Virus", and X and Zero are sent to DopplerTown to put down the rebellion.

Mega Man X4
Released: 1997
Platform(s): Sony PlayStation, PC, Sega Saturn
Summary: The threat of the Mavericks returns when the Sky Lagoon is destroyed and the Repliforce held accountable. The Hunters label them Mavericks, and a devastating conflict ensues.

Mega Man X5
Released: 2001, 2003
Platform(s): Sony PlayStation, PC
Summary: Sigma launches his most elaborate scheme yet when he plots to crash the Eurasia Colony into the Earth. The Hunters must race against the clock to stop the colony while they fend off a massive outbreak of the Sigma Virus and try to discover its mysteries.

Mega Man X6
Released: 2001
Platform(s): Sony PlayStation
Summary: Three weeks after the crash of the Eurasia Colony, X returns to the battlefield to investigate the strange "Nightmare Phenomenon" armed with his friend Zero's saber, while he searches for what happened to Zero.

Mega Man X7
Released: 2003
Platform(s): Sony PlayStation 2, PC
Summary: X retires from the field, and the mysterious Red Alert Syndicate fills the void left by the weakened Maverick Hunters. When a mysterious Reploid named Axl ends up in their custody, it sparks a conflict between the two organizations.

Mega Man X8
Released: 2004
Platform(s): Sony PlayStation 2, PC
Summary: A group of "New Generation Reploids" has copied Sigma's DNA and threatens the fragile peace when they attempt to take over the Jakob Project's orbital elevator.

Side Stories[edit]

Below are listings for the games in the Mega Man X series that take a detour from the console games' story and/or gameplay. This is a quick and easy reference point if you're searching for something specific.

Mega Man Xtreme
Released: 2001
Platform(s): Nintendo Game Boy Color
Summary: The Mother Computer at the Hunter Base is hacked, and with the help of a computer genius named Middy, X and Zero must delve into the realm of cyberspace to combat the threat.

Mega Man Xtreme 2
Released: 2002
Platform(s): Nintendo Game Boy Color
Summary: When the Reploid Research facility at Laguz Island starts reporting that the "souls" of Reploids are being completely wiped, X and Zero are dispatched to the island to investigate the cause.

Mega Man X: Command Mission
Released: 2004
Platform(s): Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube
Summary: Set in 22XX, X and his team journey to the Force Metal research area of Giga City to investigate the cause of Epsilon's rebellion and to stop the Maverick leader.

Rockman Online
Released: Late 2012
Platform(s): PC
Summary: In the far future, when the Sigma Virus and the Mavericks are thought to be things of the past, the new United Continent Association is suddenly threatened by the Ultimate Reploid Association.

Remakes and Collections[edit]

Mega Man X Collection
Released: 2005
Platform(s): Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube
Summary: A collection of Mega Man X1-X6, including unlockable art, music, and the first US appearance of Mega Man Battle & Chase!

Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X
Released: 2006
Platform(s): Sony PlayStation Portable
Summary: Mega Man X comes to the PSP with updated with 3D graphics and an expanded story detailing the events of and prior to the first Maverick War instigated by the renegade Sigma.


Below is a small listing of cameos, or brief guest appearances, that the characters in the X series have made in other games.

SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash
Released: 1999
Platform(s): Neo Geo Pocket
Summary: Many popular Capcom and SNK characters appeared on cards with different powers and abilities. X and Zero were among them.

Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix
Released: 1997
Platform(s): Sony PlayStation
Summary: In "Running Battle" mode, different popular Capcom characters appear in the background as you progress through the mode. In it are X and Zero, but also characters from other Mega Man series such as Trigger, and the original Mega Man.

SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters DS
Released: 2007
Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Summary: X, Axl and Zero appear as cards along with a few other characters from Legends and the original series.

Dead Rising/ Dead Rising : Chop Till You Drop
Released: 2006
Platform(s): Xbox 360, Wii
Summary: The main character Frank West can find a toy version of the X Buster called the "Fake Mega Buster," which shoots tennis balls. Players who meet certain requirements can also find a Mega Man Outfit clearly modeled after X, and a working buster gun called the Real Mega Buster.

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom : Ultimate All Stars
Released: 2010
Platform(s): Arcade, Wii
Summary: Zero is an unlockable Character in the American release, along with Frank West from Dead Rising, who has a special were he dons the Mega Man Outfit and fires the Real Mega Buster.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 : Fate Of Two Worlds
Released: 2011
Platform(s): PS3, 360
Summary: Zero is confirmed as a playable character. Since it's the same team as Tasunoko Vs Capcom his specials and attacks may be similar, if not the same.


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