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Master Albert
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Character Info
Japanese Name Master Albert (マスター・アルバート)
Affiliation Sage Trinity (Before abandoning the position)
Weapon Biometal Model W. As DAN-000: A-Trans, Homing Shot, barrier, units which combine into different shapes to simulate different attacks.
Appearances Mega Man ZX Advent

Master Albert (seen in the left) is the main antagonist of Mega Man ZX Advent. He is the creator of Biometal Model W and the man who started the Game of Destiny. He was originally a member of the Sage Trinity, but left the position when his true colors were revealed.


Master Albert's role behind the Game of Destiny was originally hinted at in Mega Man ZX by Serpent, who told Aile that the blood of the man who made Model W ran in their veins. The full implications of this statement would be revealed in Mega Man ZX Advent.

An outstanding scientist of great intelligence and polite behavior, Albert was originally a normal human who left his family behind when he joined the Sage Trinity. After creating Model W and locking the Biometal to his own DNA, Master Albert planned the entire Game of Destiny for the purpose of awakening the hidden pieces of the Biometal; he created the Reploid siblings Prometheus and Pandora to find worthy candidates of using the power of the Biometals, giving them a portion of Model W's power for the task and binding the two to limited lifespans in order to keep them loyal. He also created a third Reploid named Grey, who would serve as his back up in case something happened, and the Biometal Model A, which contained ciphers with data on Albert's plan to instruct Grey. To carry on the Game of Destiny, the individuals chosen by Prometheus and Pandora were infused with Albert's genetic code as he personally implanted the Humans' bionic parts and programmed the Reploids' lifespans, in accordance to the laws of equality that Albert himself had approved.

Master Albert would continue to manipulate the Game of Destiny from behind the scenes as new Biometals were created and Serpent made his attempt to conquer the world with the power of Model W. After Serpent falls to the Mega Man Model ZX Vent or Aile, Albert acquires the Biometals Model H, Model F, Model L and Model P, which are stolen from a Guardian laboratory and given to new Mega Men who would resume the Game of Destiny.

In Mega Man ZX Advent, Master Albert makes his first actual appearance when the Sage Trinity contacts either Grey or Ashe and requests the main character to deliver the recently found Model A to keep its secrets from being misused. However, when the character learns from Model A's ciphers that Model W was created by a member of the Sage Trinity, Master Albert is forced to hasten his plans as the truth about his schemes is revealed. Through the work of the other Mega Men and his own Pseudoroids, Albert gathers all the existing Model Ws in his undersea base, but he is found by the Mega Man Model A who was followed by Prometheus and Pandora; Albert is slain by his own creations, who were longing for a chance to get revenge for an endless life of servitude. However, this turns out to be another facet of Albert's plan, as the insanity and hatred built up by the two Reploids becomes the final key to awaken Model W. Albert then reappears in a new body identified as "DAN-000" ("Doctor Albert Number Triple Zero"), explaining to the main character that the one attacked was a decoy which worked as a Sage Trinity member in his stead.

As the base collapses and Model A Chosen One is forced to retreat, the awakened Model Ws fuse to create Ouroboros, the ultimate Biometal. As Ouroboros rises, Albert unleashes his own Maverick army from within to wreak havoc on the world. However, Ouroboros is eventually invaded by the Mega Man Model A with help from the Guardians. Outraged, Albert briefly confronts the protagonist, revealing that he has the copy ability as Model A, which combined with the true power of Ouroboros, gives him the ability to control life. Although he initially retreats, the final confrontation is unavoidable and from his throne, Albert reveals his ties with the main character as well as his true intentions to "reset the world"; still opposed, Albert eventually falls to the Model A Biomatch despite his transformation into the ultimate Mega Man. In his final moments, Albert angrily tells the protagonist to "rot" in the "gentle peace", and Ouroboros explodes following Albert's demise.

Battle Data[edit]

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Notes and trivia[edit]

  • Many villains in the franchise have expressed the desire of creating a new, perfect world, and Albert continues this theme: when confronted by the main character, Albert explains that he strove to reach the epitome of evolution, but he only found emptiness and misery, which led to his realization that man will continue to find reasons to justify fighting. Therefore, Albert started his plan with the goal to create a new world, using his power and Ouroboros to "bring new life" and "protect its future."
  • As the ultimate Mega Man, Albert's attacks incorporate characteristics from nearly every Mega Man in the series, including Model A's Homing Shot.
  • In Albert's laboratory, the capsule that once contained DAN-000 labels it as "PROTOTYPE".[1]
  • As DAN-000, Albert speaks of the decoy's actions as his own, implying that he had direct control of the fake.[2]
  • Master Albert is voiced by Yoshito Yasuhara in the Japanese version and Jack Morlouzzi in the English version.


  2. Albert (Decoy): We will meet again. You are, after all, made in my image.
    DAN-000: I told you that you're made in my image.
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