Aztec Falcon

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Aztec Falcon
Character Info
Japanese Name アステファルコン
Aztefalcon (Asutefarukon)
Title The Ultimate Bird
Sparking with Lightning
Affiliation Neo Arcadia, Harpuia
Appearances Mega Man Zero, Mega Man Zero 2

A Mutos Reploid under Harpuia's command, Aztec Falcon acts as a warden and executioner to all reploids accused of being Mavericks. Under Copy X's harsh laws governing reploids in the wake of the energy crisis, there are no known cases of a reploid being judged innocent and released once they have been arrested.


Aztec Falcon is a tall Mutos reploid patterned after a falcon and aztec sculptures. His armored wings are capable of launching electrically charged rods in rapid succession, and deflecting nearly any attack. He is a fast moving and agile reploid, capable of dashing at great speeds and clinging to walls.

When he is revived and remolded as a four legged steed, he is capable of flight while carrying a human sized reploid.

Game appearances[edit]

Mega Man Zero[edit]

Mmz aztec falcon sprite.gif
Life Energy 32
Element Thunder
Weakness None*
Reward Thunder Chip
EX Skill Lightning Fall
Contact  ?
Arrows  ?

* Fought before acquiring elemental chips.

Aztec Falcon was stationed at the Reploid Disposal Center to oversee the execution of reploids branded as mavericks. When Zero finds him, Aztec Falcon is standing on the crushing platform of a large disposal chamber, with several resistance reploids beneath it. Zero was able to destroy Aztec Falcon and the crusher before it descended, and returned to the resistance base with the reploids and the Thunder Chip in tow.

Unlike most Mutos Reploids, Aztec Falcon is not revived and sent to defend Copy-X in the Neo Arcadia Shrine.

Note: Despite apparently being a thunder elemental reploid, Aztec Falcon is fought before Zero can possess any elemental chips, and thus has no weaknesses.

In Hard mode, Aztec falcon moves slightly faster and deals more damage.

Mega Man Zero 2[edit]

Aztec Falcon appears briefly, having been remodeled into a four legged griffin-like steed for Harpuia to ride while he retrieves the battered and broken Zero from the wastelands.

Other appearances[edit]

Rockman Zero[edit]

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  • Aztec Falcon appears in Harpuia's Minigame in Mega Man Zero 3 called Birdie Chop Chop
  • In Mega Man ZX, Aztec Falcons body is being used as a horse on the carasol in the background of Area-H
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